Innovation & Production

We do our best to be most innovative company in our industry to increase the value of the products used by our customers that will increase their profit margins while reducing their operational costs.


Advanced Quality

All our products “Made in Turkey” according to worldwide high quality standards and requirements. We offer highly engineered, affordable and varsatile products for the printers all araound the world.


Continuous Support

We support our customers with both pre- and after-sales services through our professional staff and extensive service network intended to help customers at any time.

Explore Beyond Your Expectation

Fabro is the Turkish manufacturer of automatic oval printing machines and equipments for tshirt printing markets worldwide.

Highly Engineered

The outstanding automatic screen printing press with exceptional engineering for all kinds of tshirt prints like water-based, plastisols and discharges.


The ORYX OVAL with ultra hi-tech servo-drive index system and AC drive motors delivers precise control and registration on your prints.


The printheads provide a simple, tool-free adjustment of the screen frame quickly and exceptionally.