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As one of the leading textile companies in Turkey, we came up with a new project for hybrid printing where we were planning combination of traditional oval printing and digital attachment. FABRO was our choice due to their flexibility on our requests and solidity on quality and after-sales services.

Now we can print unlimited colors with our digital attachment (PRETORIA R10) along our oval printing machine (OryxOval).

Erkut GüçlüPrinting ManagerBeke Tekstil, Bursa Turkey

Our company is having high volume facility and we were planning to replace our old-fashion carousels with an oval printing machine. While we were considering our options, we finalized having a FABRO OryxOval oval printing machine due to their outstanding performance. Now we can print upto 14 colors at once - even with flash curing after each print. Besides, we are extremely satisfied with their rapid solutions of after-sales service if rarely we face any breakdown.

İrfan ÇelebiPrinting ManagerFita Tekstil, Bursa Turkey

We have been in screen printing business since many years and having basically carousels only.

We decided to buy FABRO OryxOval due to their outstanding oval printing machine quality let us complete the very multicolor prints easily while we were quite limited with carousels.

Very accessible customer service 7/24.

Ibrahim KöseManaging DirectorVolkan Emprime, Istanbul Turkey

Since we are printing our own garments for our own brands, we are very picky for the quality, speed, performance, accuracy and after-sales service of the printing machines. As per our customers’ needs, the number of colors on tshirt designs increased recently that convinced us to purchase an oval printing machine with more versatility and efficiency. After long discussions and meetings, we decided to deal with FABRO OryxOval. Their solid equipments and quality satisfied us since beginning and now we are also very happy for their quick responses on our requests and questions regarding the maintenance and very rare breakdowns.

Veer ParkashManaging DirectorVeer Industries, Ludhiana, India

As a table printer in Bandung, whenever we decided to shift from manual printing tables to automatic printing, we simply called FABRO and finalized a 12-colors OryxOval since they have great local presence of after-sales service as well as great performance and solid equipment qualities.

This year we are planning to add more OryxOvals to our company. Since beginning, they were quite supportive and very flexible and understanding for our requests.

Erick WirantaManaging DirectorCV Jaya Makmur Print, Bandung, Indonesia

The demands of our customers were increasing the number of colors of printing orders and we were quite limited to fulfill such requests with our carousel automatic printing machines. That’s why we purchased a FABRO OryxOval due to their unique performance and reputed after-sales service locally available in our country.

They were very cooperative and flexible even while we were arranging our production room before the installation of our FABRO Oryx Oval.

Xusan RahmanovPrinting ManagerBaraka Textile, Tashkent Uzbekistan

Since we had octopus machines only, we were having difficulties to print more than 10 colors in a single job, thus we were looking for an oval machine. Then we came up with the idea choosing FABRO OryxOval. Now we can attract new and more customers while we are even able to compete multiple jobs easily on a FABRO oval printing machine. On the rare occasions, whenever we have breakdowns, FABRO after-sales service team arrives and solves the issues within 24 hours.

H.Basri PaksoyManaging DirectorIrmak Emprime, Istanbul Turkey

As a contract printer, we were having simple semi-automatic printing machines previously. Due to higher competition and increasing quality demands, we decided to invest for a 6 colors oval printing machine, where we decided to purchase a FABRO OryxOval with closed eyes. The speed and accuracy of the machine is awesome and we are looking to have other machines with more colors from FABRO. Thanks for their support with great equipment quality and very accessible after-sales service.

Bahtiyar AbdulazizovManaging DirectorTrust Textile, Tashkent Uzbekistan

Due to our growing volumes and aging of our old-type octopus printing machines, we decided to have a high speed and accurate oval printing machine which can fulfill our needs in terms of volumes, number of colors and performance. After long considerations, we decided to purchase a FABRO OryxOval. As a contract printer, the accuracy and speed are the main determinants on our profits. That’s why we are very satisfied with our FABRO OryxOval quality and after-sales service locally available in Uzbekistan.

İlyas KadirovPrinting ManagerArge Fashion, Tashkent Uzbekistan

While we were evaluating our options like efficiency, accuracy, easy for use and return on investment, we decided the best choice would be purchasing a FABRO OryxOval oval printing machine. It was our first oval printing experience and this new investment contributed a lot to our company. We had the chance to attract new customers due to the advantages of having an oval machine in house. Now we can do multiple jobs, over 10 colors prints and even automatic flocking on a single machine. In addition, we are also very happy how FABRO is open and flexible for our request on modifications of parts and software with new features. Regarding after-sales service, they are probably the quickest and most accessible company in the market.

Uzay Özer / Ahmet SarıManaging Director / Printing ManagerDeniz Baskı, Bursa Turkey


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